InPolitix Srl is an innovative startup that created an advanced platform,   for political officials and candidates that want to communicate with their electorate in a simple and effective way, managing the overall communication process, coordinating the campaign staff and making informed decisions.

The company also collects data that can be useful for understanding political, institutional and administrative events in Italy and in the world and aims to become a reference point in the digital information market of political champaigns and government.

InPolitix offers effective services at extremely competitive costs, ad-hoc contracts for high added-value advice can also be requested, they are based on advanced analysis of the data made available in social media. InPolitix also offers advanced services for the Public Administration based on the management, analysis, and implementation of Open Data platforms supporting decision making and administrative governance.


InPolitix offers a variety of integrated, highly innovative solutions in the field of digital services for political communication.

Using the InPolitix platform, politicians have the opportunity to create a highly personalized website in a simple way without any technical knowledge, managing their social pages through a single tool. This allows politicians and their staff to focus on contents, significantly improving at the same time communication effectiveness. For example, using the platform you can manage your calendar, write newsletters or organize a crowdfunding campaign.

For the Public Administration InPolitix proposes tools for managing e-governance and participative decision-making processes. For example, starting from the acquisition of a set of data (for example the frequency of road accidents within a municipality’s road network) the platform highlights points of attention that can be used to generate proposals, call the public for a vote, and wrap up the final decisions.


Today the political communication market is evolving very fast at a global level. On the international scene, there are about 9 million administrators and every year 11 million people are elected in 190 recognized states.

Italy itself represents a very significant market: with over 150,000 local politicians and administrators, many of whom are not yet present on the web. In addition, 125,000 people are nominated annually in various electoral rounds: administrative, regional, political and European. Online, digital and social communication is taking the lion’s share in political campaigns. Still, the ability of effectively manage it are a rare breed.

The analysis of the competitive market reveals the absence on the Italian market of services dedicated to advanced political communication such as InPolitix. The segment of political communication is in fact overseen by communication agencies and freelancers, which do not offer integrated data-oriented services. The current market, therefore, represents a fertile ground where InPolitix can play the first mover role.


The idea behind InPolitix was born in the early 2000s by the thesis of Donato De Ieso, «A CMS of the Italian Parliament », which deals with the problem of how to improve the management of online political communication. Thanks to the advent of Open Data and Social Media, the current version InPolitix took shape ( The idea immediately received positive feedbacks, mentions, and awards on the Italian scene.

Currently, the company is engaged in the definition of highly innovative services in the context of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. For example, at Futureland 2017 InPolitix presented InPolitix AR, an App that transforms the traditional political marketing tools (posters, flyers, t-shirts) in digital objects that can foster engagement in electoral campaigns.

Access to the global market is the next challenge for InPolitix.


The capital raised through the Equity Crowdfunding campaign will be used to support the business development plan which includes:

  • marketing campaigns;
  • growth of the company structure;
  • diversification of the commercial offer and development of new services.
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